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Our Company

Linux Canada Inc. is a software development company dedicated to the development of accounting, retail and point of sale software for retail and other business entities. Our mission is to deliver a stable, feature rich product at a price that both small and large businesses can afford. We have worked with Linux since 1994. We have had commercial installations since 1995 and we are absolutely sold on the quality and reliability of Linux. At the same time we recognize that many of our customers will want to work within a network that may contain a combination of Windows, Mac and/or Linux work stations. Quasar Accounting Version 2.2.1, has now been released, and works on Linux with support for Windows and Mac work stations. Our Linux point-of-sale package, Quasar Point-of-Sale interfaces to Quasar Accounting using the point-of- sale server forming Quasar Retail. QUASARTM is a Trade Mark of Linux Canada Inc.
Linux Canada Inc Suite #1230 246 Stewart Green S.W. Calgary, AB T3H3C8
Phone 403 720-8682
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