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Quasar Point-of-Sale

Quasar Point-of-Sale is a powerful point of sale application for Linux and is now installed in stores around the world. Quasar Point-of-Sale is available under our commercial license, Quasar Point-of-Sale Client interfaces to Quasar Accounting through the Quasar Point-of-Sale server program. The data from all point-of-sale transactions is stored in standard transaction format in Quasar Accounting. This provides great flexibility for viewing, printing and reporting. Quasar makes editing and error correcting easy.

Point-of-Sale Features

real time interface - The point-of-sale interface program moves data between the point-of-sale workstations and the Quasar server in real time. great redundancy - Each point-of-sale workstation maintains its own internal database. In the rare case that there is a server or network failure the point-of-sale workstations will continue to function. When in off-line mode, all transactions are stored locally in the point-of-sale workstation. The workstation will continuously query the server and when the network is restored the workstation automatically goes online, sending the off-line transactions to the server automatically. security levels - Quasar point-of-sale has three levels of security. Using these security levels you can prevent cashiers from performing specific functions. For example, you may wish to prevent a cashier from post voiding a transaction or from giving a discount. Each cashier is assigned their own cashier id and password for login purposes. bar-code scanning - Quasar supports numerous bar-code scanners for fast data entry. scales and tare - Quasar supports a variety of scanner/scales as well as deduction of specified tare weights. multiple tenders - Tender your transactions using one or multiple tenders. Tenders are user defined. Set your own tender limits, define which tenders require a second receipt, and define which tenders open the cash drawer. keyboard layout - Design your own keyboard layout, placing the functions where they best suit you. While Quasar point-of-sale works just fine with a standard qwerty keyboard, you may find it advantageous to use a special point-of-sale keyboard. multiple transaction types - At a point-of-sale workstation you can create sales transactions, return items to stock, open the cash drawer using a no-sale function, pay small expenses with cash, exchange one tender for another, take payments on a customer receivable account and withdraw cash for a customeer from their receivable account. customer loyalty program - Assign points to customers for their loyalty and provides the ability customers to earn discounts based on those accumulated points. gift cards - Sell customers serial number tracked gift cards and track the remaining balance on those cards as they are redeemed at the point- of-sale. store credits - Provides the abililty to issue serial tracked store credits for returned products and tracks those credits as they are redeemed. editing and error corrections -Quasar makes editing and error correcting easy. o void the last entry o void an item by scanning it o void an entire transaction o post void a sale o cancel a wrong tender entry o cancel a wrong discount entry o scroll through an entire transaction o delete incorrect characters in an entry supports multiple pricing functions - The point-of-sale supports all the pricing functions inherent in Quasar.(more) discounts by line and transaction - Supports percentage and dollar discounts off of individual lines and/or transactions. tax controls - Quasar point-of-sale handles both tax included pricing and tax extra pricing. Tax may be exempted by line or by transaction and a tax may be added to a specific item. In addition the point-of-sale supports automatic tax exemption by customer. suspend and resume - Suspend a transaction and resume it at a later time. A supended transaction may be resumed on any point-of-sale device in the network. change a price - Enter a price change to correct a wrong price or meet a competitive situation. open departments - Define keys as open department keys. By entering a price and pressing an open department key. Sales will be recorded to the appropriate department. supervisor and manager overrides - Supervisors and managers can override credit limits, credit holds and tender limits. price check an item - Cashiers can check the price of an item for a customer. The price check can be done by scanning or entering an item number. reference numbers - Quasar supports the entry of customer reference numbers such as purchase order numbers. reprint transactions - In case you run out of paper, have a printer failure or simply require a second receipt, you can reprint a current transaction and/or reprint a completed transaction. Print Detailed Tender List - From Quasar point-of-sale you can print a detailed list of your tenders such as cheques and credit cards. These are printed in ascending order by amount. This tool is designed to be compared to your actual tenders at the end of a work shift. readings and ringoffs - View sales and tender summaries using the reading function. Close and summarize a cashier shift by doing a ringoff. Ringoffs create a shift close record within Quasar Accounting. From this record you can view the details of transactions and tenders. You can create tender adjustments and transfer tenders from one work station to another. fund record counts - Count your tenders at the point-of-sale terminal using Quasar's fund record count function. This function steps you through the count phase of cash reconciliation. personalize - A screen configuration file exists to personalize the colors and look and feel of your POS.
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QUASARTM is a Trade Mark of Linux Canada Inc.
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