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Release Notes

Quasar Accounting and Point-of-Sale Software

Version 2.2.1 Release Notes

Quasar 2.2.1 is a minor release fixing a major bug in 2.2.0 and adding some new features: fixed the bug in the point-of-sale ringoff that caused discounts on transactions to be lost added the ability to run more reports from a comand line added tender rounding for countries that round tenders eliminating the need for smaller denomination coins added the ability to connect to the first version of Quasar’s remote wireless handheld interface

Version 2.2.0 Release Notes

Quasar 2.2.0 is a major release fixing some minor bugs and adding some relatively

large features:

added a new customer loyalty program. Customers can now earn and accumulate loyalty points and redeem those points for a percentage or dollar discount as a reward added a new gift card program. Customer now can purchase gift cards and redeem the cards for goods and services. Total balance available is tracked as variable amounts on the card are redeemed  put a check in the order template so that the same item cannot be entered twice. Template XML updates will skip items that are added more then once. Items that are not purchased or are set to discountinued are not allowed on the order template. increased the speed of viewing an order template over a slow network increased the speed of doing an auto order over a slow network fixed some screen sizing issues added new caching code to the POS which increases the speed of running the POS over a slow network fixed a bug which caused vendor inquires to not print properly added the ability to report on price changes (manual, promotion, calculated prices)

Version 2.1.7 Release Notes

Quasar 2.1.7 is a minor release fixing some minor bugs and adding some small


updated the handling of cheque numbers. Now system generated cheque numbers are not assigned until time of printing created a pos_suspends.xml report that display suspended transactions on each POS added a set stocked flag to the vendor invoice import XML. This feature allows you to set items to stocked at the time of importing the vendor invoice added a promo status report that shows the sales of promotion items between selected dates added a not counted button to the count master. This allows the population of the count master with non-counted items. The purpose is to set the quantity to zero for non-counted items added method to view stock status from the purchase order added number, percent and currency overrides added external id to item adjustments import XML enhanced the speed of editing cheques and suspended invoices over a slow network added support for the TEC ST-B20 POS terminal

Version 2.1.4 Release Notes

Quasar 2.1.4 is a minor release fixing some minor bugs and adding some small features: add duplicate number check for customer, store, station, vendor, employee, and price zone fix customer invoice so the cost for items that are sold only will always be zero fix serial number extra data validation check add ability to specify description in customer invoice XML import fix out of stock report to include negative on hand items fix rebuild change tables report for on order amounts fix ledger detail and customer stmt reports to show all transaction types fix resizing of cheque master, aged receivables, inquiry, and report list fix safe and forward store handling when is same store add quick description lookup to item list to speed up searchs on huge databases fix setting due date on service charges using customer defaults fix discount handling in POS fix prices and promos not recalc when customer changed in POS fix speed of local database in POS add ability to have 12 character customer numbers in POS fix reprint of POS transaction not showing discount amount properly fix speed of POS load files and make work on older Tcl versions fix large discounts causing rounding issues in POS fix reconcile by number in reconcile master fix showing of multi-line todo items better fix error allowing invalid payment allocations allow more errors in POS transactions to still be saved as suspended fix select to get inventory dedicated to only look at customer invoices add todo item when posting a POS transaction fails fix active promotions list change balance sheet to show amounts for accounts currently inactive fix amount shown on invoice printout using wrong value (ext price not base) add print function to journal entry add item search function to promotion batch fix auto order to properly use the default selling size to determine required min/max quantities instead of using the first size defined in the price list add a check to ensure their is a price for the default selling size in the item master add for Firebird 2.1 or better and for databases created by Firebird 2.1 or better, then you can use a character set of UTF8 and a collation of UNICODE_CI and you will get case-insensitive compares and good performance (since the native character set Quasar uses is Unicode so UTF-8 conversion is pretty quick). If you don't want case-insensitive, use UNICODE for the collation add customer order XML import add missing fields to the customer XML import add level pricing fields to item XML import optimize selecting the item info in the POS and increase the width of the description in the item lookup fixed a bug in discount calculations on the POS change in trial balance to not always show zero but instead show blank when there is a value in the other column added a ledger account to the discount master for discounts that will be expensed to an account

Version 2.1.3 Release Notes

Quasar 2.1.3 is a minor release dealing primarily with Firebird problems and an extra data problem on invoices: fixed the collate to work when creating a database with Firebird so no need to run a separate script to change the collation of varchar fields fixed reports to work properly with Firebird the extra data for customer and vendor invoices now populates properly when editing the invoice Version 2.1.2 Release Notes Quasar 2.1.2 is a major release with a substantial increase in pricing features: addition of 4 quantity pricing levels or every item with target margins for each level addition of 4 customer pricing levels for every item with target margins for each level ability to force customer level pricing ability to calculate level pricing from target margins using price batch addition of calculated prices including cost plus, percentage off, and at/for pricing improvements to disounts with the addition of limits and automatic discounts for line items improvements to promotion batches with additional limits improved load files program to send data from the central database to the point-of-sale terminals. Instead of all data being sent now only changed data is sent QUASARTM is a Trade Mark of Linux Canada Inc.
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