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Quasar Videos

We are in the process of preparing a series of training videos. Check back often for new videos. Note - Videos are MP4 format and will load prior to playing. Status of upload can be viewed from pop up control panel at bottom of video.

User Interface

Client Login   A quick look at logging into a Quasar client for the first time. Walk Through  A general introduction walk through of the screens and lists in Quasar Accounting. Define Ledger  Defining your financial statements and chart-of-accounts in Quasar. Security Setup  Creating a new security type and linking it to a new Quasar user. Price Zones  Create your price zones and define your rounding rules for each zone. Store Definition  Define your stores in the store master screen. Taxes  Define your taxes and learn how they are utilized in Quasar Accounting. Work Stations  Define your Quasar work stations. Employees  Define your employees in Quasar Accounting. Departments  Define your Departments for you Quasar Accounting products and services. Subdepartments  Define your subdepartments and set your item defaults in Quasar Accounting.

Setup (technical)

Point-of-Sale Setup 1 Preparing your Quasar data on your client in preparation to login to the point-of-sale client. Point-of-Sale Setup 2 Configure your Quasar point-of-sale so you can login to the server. Point-of-Sale Setup 3 Quasar point-of-sale till and receipt options and configuration. Point-of-Sale Setup 4 Setting up Quasar point-of-sale securities and controls Point-of-Sale Setup 5 Hardware configuration for the Quasar point-of-sale client. Point-of-Sale Setup 6 Personalizing the look and feel of your point-of-sale. Point-of-Sale Setup 7 Defining the keyboard on your Quasar point-of-sale client. Point-of-Sale Setup 8 Modifying the receipt text on your Quasar point-of-sale client. Work with Icons Setting up icons for specific users and logins.
QUASARTM is a Trade Mark of Linux Canada Inc.
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